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    "Eye opening"

    "This podcast is full of “must have” conversation pieces for conservatives and liberals alike. A place where the two can have a seat at the table and both be heard in a society full of contention and mistrust..."

    "...It reminds us that we can all have our own views and beliefs and still maintain respect for those we don’t understand while working to find common ground. The amount of care taken in having these conversations is commendable. Job well done!"

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    Are you afriad to share your opinion at work, social gatherings, or even amongst close friends?

    Are you in the conservative closet? Listen in for encouragement, inspiration and empowerment.

    Join us as we discuss being conservative in America today! Get the confidence you need to face the day with engaging content, compelling arguments, and excellent advice on living out your conservatism.

    "If we don't engage with our culture they will believe whatever lies they are told about us."

    - Joe Mobley